Following are highlights from a few random projects.


Room Renovation B1
June, 2017 - November, 2017
First bedroom repair and renovation completed. (Before and After images will follow shortly). Carpentry and Home Repair.

Wyoming State Board of Nursing Automated Reporting Website
December, 2014 - December, 2014
Wyoming State Board of Nursing Automated Reporting Website. ASP.NET

DispatchPhysics™ Start-up
July, 2014 - December, 2014
Industry-wide automation software and service for Trucking and Freight logistics. Software is completed and still operational, but startup did not gain backers.

Following is the appearance of the original web page, when Dispatch Physics was authorized as a Freight Broker.


Dispatch Physics™

Using calculus and spherical geometry, an extremely productive system for scheduling the movement of freight has been developed. During its testing stages, this system has been proven to work on real world data presently available in the industry.



At present in the industry, a single Freight Broker Agent with 5 to 10 years experience in logistics handling is expected to produce a gross carrier income of about $30,000 per week. This is the amount of money made as income from all of the discrete trips that were planned and driven. From that gross carrier income, the Freight Broker typically takes a direct 10% commission, meaning that the brokerage, for that one agent will make $3,000 this week, typically sharing about half of that with the agent as his or her own personal commission, and keeping the other half for its own operation. In this scenario, the brokerage contracts as many agents as they can find, and each agent runs as many trucks as he or she can successfully run.

Breaking down the activities required for that level of gross income, we find, on average, that this is the perfect handling of about 5 trucks, over 15 to 20 discrete trips.



Freight Broker Agent

Dispatch Physics

Number of trips in one week



Average Gross Income / Trip



Potential Gross Carrier Income
(1 agent / 1 PC)



Potential weekly commission at brokerage



Potential yearly commission at brokerage





The numbers say it all... There really is no comparison. The above chart has limited Dispatch Physics to 500 trucks per week, but truth be told, we already have the capability to scale our system for routing all of the loads in the spot market every day.

The only thing to slow you down from now on will be the number of administrative staff you can hire to work three shifts per day.


System Behavior

Following are some of the more notable behaviors of the Dispatch Physics system.

Me First. The system can pull available loads from the database several thousand times more quickly than the most agile computer user. As a result, by the time humans have seen the available loads, the best ones have already been allocated.

Best Loads Only. Dispatch Physics is purposely programmed to Cherry Pick the very best loads from the database, matching what each of the carriers needs most, in terms of dollars per mile, highest number of miles, and desired direction.

Predictive Routing. From all of the available loads currently on the database, the system is able to effectively calculate many thousands of route scenarios per second to determine a full weekly schedule for each truck. No load is selected for any of the available trucks without knowing in advance that the truck will be placed in the correct direction, and that outgoing loads can be immediately allocated from each destination. This results in the two following highly desired conditions.

o    No backhaul planning is ever required.

o    Each driver can be provided a consistent weekly schedule, where he or she lands home for a couple of days at the end of every week.


Minimum Deadhead. Using the current settings, Dispatch Physics keeps the empty travel of every trip to the lesser of 5% or 60 miles. This can be made more restrictive, but the current setting has been carefully chosen to guarantee trips out of every rural area in the continental United States.

Regular Weekly Schedules. As mentioned above, the activities of each truck are planned for an entire week or more at a time.

Trucker's Radius. A trucker or entire carrier company may opt to drive anywhere within a small region, to the entire country. Time and Distance limits are available for every piece of equipment and every driver. Even over-the-road truckers are brought back home at periodically consistent intervals through the predictive routing mechanism.

Automatic Planning of Regulatory Breaks. Although the driver is very independent out on the road and will take breaks whenever he or she is ready, the amount of time on break is accounted for in advance.

Bidding based on Future Fuel Price. For example, the load for next week is confidently bid at next week's fuel price, for each state within which the trip will be made, to within one or two cents in either direction, based upon yearly, monthly, and weekly cycles.

Trips are estimated to the Hour. All of the testing to this date indicates that when comparing Dispatch Physics to human driving behavior, the average estimate is about 90% accurate, and is especially accurate on the longest trips, where the itinerary matters the most.


Current System Status

All of the logistical algorithms have been tested, and are currently working. However, there are a few more esoteric features remaining to be implemented, such as the following.

Automated claim of the Load record from the Load Board.

Automated Sender Payment arrangement, credit check, and go-ahead.

Automated ACH payment of funds to carrier upon delivery confirmation.

Automated notification to carrier and shipper about schedule and status of load.

Automated association of documents and bill-of-lading attachment, in PDF format, to the internal database records of related trips.

As you can see from the outstanding task list, the most difficult parts have already been completed. We are currently recruiting for customers who want to enjoy amplified traffic volume while we gradually, but actively, complete automation of every step of the logistics business.


Terms of Service

The service is meant to be low in risk, and as straight forward as possible.

Without changing anything else about the way you run your business, you contract us to help with your freight coordination activities, we produce an immense number of travel itineraries for you, and everyone benefits.

For every successfully planned load, we bill you $0.018 per mile, which is less than 1% of the gross carrier income for that trip, and more importantly to you, less than 10% of your vastly increased proceeds.


How to Get Involved

To get in on the ground floor of our program, simply complete the following form, then click Send Request. This will create your online service account, and notify us that you wish to be contacted about Dispatch Physics.

We will get back with you shortly.


Project Sundance - Phase I
January, 2001 - December, 2001
Contracted to Enron Corp. to begin development of multi-megawatt electrical generation plant powered by orthohydrogen.