I will be maintaining various samples of detail work on this page. Please feel free to Contact Me to request a sample of work you don't yet see here.


  • Pay Per Item Calculator. Do you work in the Gig Economy? Don't be fooled by freelance rip-offs, like those requesting tasks at MTurk, Freelancer, Upwork,, PeoplePerHour, and others. Know what you're worth before accepting a task, while using this set of three calculators to find out whether their task meets your time and payment requirements.

    It only takes a couple of seconds to find out whether you would be wasting your time.

    This sample demonstrates Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and Web Applications.

  • Regular Expressions. This example demonstrates the Regular Expression text used to format the alternate color rows found on the Resume / Skills and Endorsements page.

  • Scraper Instruction Parsing. Written in C#, this example is the source code of a method that parses the instructions for an HTML Scraper.

  • Stop Watch. Measure passage of time on various activities without having to download an app.

    This sample demonstrates Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Web Applications, and Real-Time.