CGI Animated Films

Projects starting from $250.

You might have considered having movies made about any one or more of the following topics on various occasions.

  • Advertising / Marketing.
  • Comics / Graphic Novels.
  • Education / Training.
  • Product Mock-Up.
  • Product Placement.

If you want to produce and optionally direct a film using CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), then please let me know. I have over 30 years of project management experience, and all of the tools necessary to bring your film from the idea, to the drawing board, to the screen.

I am accomplished at creating characters, props, sets, and scenes, and can handle all of the lighting, effects, and sound, as well. Your satisfaction is crucial, so if I ever run across an idea I can't personally implement, I am not afraid to immediately contract someone who can.

To get started on your movie project, just fill the following form and send it back. I will contact you quickly with an initial quote.