Real Estate and Property Research

Projects starting from $25.

Inadvertently, I have become an expert at tracking people, and public records searches of every type, but what I consider to be my most important lesson from that exposure is that I know how to handle all information related to Real Estate ownership and related transactions.

If you are a Private Real Estate Investor, then I can add value to your project by finding potential sellers that are not yet on the market, but are in pre-foreclosure status. I can find the property owner, give you a very close Sold Market Value for the property, in addition to the Asking Market Value, and best, can provide you with the estimated amount that individual currently owes on the property. Although you want to make the best profit you can from a wholesale price of 60% or under, you have to be careful not to offer less than the current outstanding amount, or will be likely to lose your purchase.

Please fill and send the following form if you would be interested in contracting me to perform some or all of your Real Estate and Property Research.

Current Real Estate Market Conditions - Rawlins, WY

Sample Date: 07/19/2017
Listings in Neighborhood: 93
Median Price: $154,100.00
Average Price / Sq.Ft.: $104.41
Average Price / Bedroom: $56,088.71
Median Number of Days on Market: 88
Average Number of Days on Market: 117
Expected Number of Sales Per Day: 0.80
Actual Number of Sales Per Day: 0.03
Number of Days Since Last Sale: 35
Number of Listings Per Sale: 11