Software Development

Projects starting from $210.

I have more than 40 years of software development experience. I can write directly to the processor in Assembly Language, can scribble out macros in higher level languages such as VBA, or can handle any project in between. You don't need to mention the specific language.

I am a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer and fully functional software architect, adhering to the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), who believes in value of the following profound process.

  • Envisioning.
  • Planning.
  • Developing.
  • Stabilizing.
  • Deploying.

The following MSF Team model also makes the most sense of the proper delineation of roles when developing new products at a sizzling speed.

  • Program Management. Deliver the solution within project constraints.
  • Development. Build to specification.
  • Test. Approve for release only after all product quality issues are identified and addressed.
  • User Experience. Enhance user effectiveness.
  • Release Management. Achieve smooth deployment and ongoing operations.
  • Product Management. Satisfy customers.

The beauty of the MSF is that as terrific as a good team can be, I can also handle small to medium projects entirely on my own. Both the Governance and Team models of the framework are circular, incremental, and repetitive in nature. Therefore, by shifting my duties diligently, from one responsibility to another, throughout each iteration of the cycle, I can successfully finish multiple versions of any project, while working on other projects simultaneously.

If you would like to contract me to work as a member of your Agile / Scrum, or MSF team, or would like to have a quote on completing a project for you, please fill and send the following form.